Getting Back In Shape – Post Partum

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It’s been a few months since you gave birth to your precious baby and you have been contemplating whether or not to jump back on the horse and start getting healthy. When you have a baby, the whole world turns into chaos filled with tons of poopy diapers, fussy baby cries and many sleepless nights and if you’re a new mom, you will know be able to relate. To be honest, having a baby can set you back on your workouts and overall health because you are not advised to do intense workouts during your pregnancy but after your baby has seen the world and you’ve carried your pregnancy to term, you can start to get back to your workouts slowly. 

After you give birth, you think the difficult days are over but then life proves you wrong and you get smacked in the face with many sleepless nights and poopy diapers so allocating time to get back into shape maybe more difficult than you had anticipated. The tips that we will provide below will be extremely helpful when you decide to get back on the horse or in this case, get back on the treadmill.

Find the time

Between the cries of your baby and nursing, you might rarely find time to shut your eyes but this is not an excuse to ignore your health and keep living without any regular exercise and without consuming healthy foods. All mom’s may not have the privileges of hiring a babysitter or personal training so finding time might be tough but if you are in a pickle as such, the best option is to have someone who you trust such as your mother or sister take care of your baby while you hit the gym and work on getting back in shape.

Start working out

When you hear the word workout, most people tend to associate it with a gym but that is not always the case because a workout could be anything from a ten minute run or playing hoops with your friends at the local park so if you cannot afford a gym membership with all the expenses that goes into raising a baby, you can throw on your running shoes, go for a run or go for a swim at your local country club in order to get a good workout in but if you do have money to spare, look into personal training in Buderim and get yourself a professional who specializes in this field to help you workout in the comfort of your own home.