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Ultrasound is a technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to make an image. From ages, this technique is utilized to make an image of the fetus growing inside the belly of women. So, whenever ultrasound is discussed in term of medical use, people automatically think about a pregnant woman visit a doctor for a check and ultrasound session. Yes, its use for this specific purpose is extremely high, but apart from this, there are various other uses of ultrasound and in medical term, it is called as diagnostic sonography. 

An instrument known as a transducer is used in the process. It emits high-frequency sound waves, so high that human ears are unable to hear them. The sound waves bounce back from the walls of the internal organs and then determine the shape and condition. This helps doctors, experts or in specific term sonographers to see if there is anything unusual or alarming and requires proper examination plus treatment. 

In pregnancy, it is used to evaluate the due date of the childbirth and to monitor the growth of the fetus inside the mother. It also tells whether the mother is going to have twins or not. Moreover, it is quite helpful in picking out problems that can have the potential to harm the baby or mother in certain ways. Most importantly, if the mother is experiencing complicated pregnancy it also helps to see if it is safe for the mother to continue her pregnancy. 

Apart from pregnancy, ultrasound is used to diagnose various other parts of the body like heart, vessels, soft tissues, liver, gallbladder, spleen, bladder, ovaries, testicles, eyes, thyroid and kidneys. Ultrasound is not a miracle and it does have its limitations and is unable to pass through dense bones and area with gasses in them like bowel area.  


Yes, ultrasound in greenslopes does require certain preparations before the procedure. It is according to what and why are you have this procedure done. If you are getting your upper abdominal check-up then you are asked to fast for a few hours before your appointment. If you are getting some type of pelvic check-ups, it requires you to have a full bladder. So, it depends on what sort of examination is needed according to your problem and doctor suggest accordingly.


In ultrasound, the area that requires examination is first exposed and then a gel is applied on that particular area to increase the contact between the apparatus and the human body so that it can get the image as real as possible, then, the instrument is moved around on the skin and results start appearing on the screen. Sonographer proceeds to look understand the image and then explain it to the patient. Results are also printed and handed over to the patient. 

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