A Brief Look At Brazilian Self Defense Art

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Every day you go out, you are at risk of being attacked by someone. Listening to the news these days is enough to tell anyone that there are a lot of violent people roaming the streets. It would not be novel to hear that someone was attacked for no just cause. These days, everyone is alert about the possibility of falling victim to bullies and their likes. That is why it is important to take basic training in self defense that can help you in an event that you find yourself in such situation.

That is where the Brazilian jiu jitsu can help you. This is a self defense technique that teaches a person to defend themselves against an attacker. It especially teaches those who are smaller, techniques they can use to overpower a bigger person. The creators of this art borrowed from judo and Japanese jutjusu.

History holds that the art was created around the 1900 by the head of a Japanese colony that was sent to Brazil. This Japanese, Esai Maede used to be a jutjutsu champion in Japan before being sent to Brazil. The first school will be opened by the Carlos brothers who were taught by the said Japanese in 1925.

Although the Brazilian version has roots in judo it has taken a slightly different root over the years. Although judo was originally designed for self defense and for use in sportive settings, it has over the years lost some of its original components and is today used mostly in non sportive situations. The Brazilian version on the other hand places a lot of emphasis on strategy. The art is generally divided into three different areas. There is self defense, free fighting and sport grappling. The idea behind this art is to equip a smaller person with skills and techniques that will help them withstand attack from bigger persons. If you want your kids to learn this art, just click this link http://gbcrowsnest.com.au/programs/kids-programs/ for more information.

Fighting style

The idea behind this Brazilian art is that the advantage a stronger person has over a weaker person is their height. This is because they can easily reach over and throw punches. To reduce this advantage, the idea is to go for ground fighting. Therefore when a weaker person is faced with a stronger person, the idea is for the weaker person to try and get the weaker person on the ground. Immediately the person is on the ground, a series of techniques can be used to place the person in a vulnerable position. It is the emphasis on ground fighting that helps differentiate this Brazilian art from other forms of judo.

During training learners will learn how to get ground control without necessarily give punches. They will also learn different ground positions like full mount and side control.