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Gestalt, a psychological therapy that helps people brings positive changes in their life. This style of counselling in crows nest is not only for those who suffer from a certain condition. This can be taken by almost anyone who wishes to have a healthy and balanced life. Gestalt therapy is especially suited for people who are struggling in various regions of their life and are in grave need of therapy. It has several benefits affected can benefit from. This therapy is especially ideal for people, who are alcohol and drug addicts, Gestalt therapy has been known to be extremely effective for such a group. 

Empty chair experiment is quite popular. In this experiment, a person sits in a chair and the chair in front of it is empty. Then he imagines the person or other phenomena that is the cause of problems and distress in his life. This cause can be from a person’s past, present or future. Then he is encouraged to have a deep conversation with the imagination. This helps to figure out and dig deep into the problem and the cause of it. This type of conversation includes many of the elements, like emotions and reaction, questions, answers, expressions and more. By this experiment a person will be able to figure out the roots of the trouble then the counselling will help to remove the roots. This will increase confidence and will bring positive personality changes. 

Counselling helps people with these conditions: 

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Family conflict 
  • Coping with poverty
  • Chronic stress 
  • Eating disorder 
  • Behaviour problem
  • Grief and loss
  • Borderline personality disorder 
  • Conflicts with authority
  • Marital and couple’s conflicts 
  • Non-substance addition like sex addiction and gambling addiction. 
  • Anxiety disorder 


Gestalt therapy results in several potential benefits. These potential benefits are: 

  • A better sense of personal freedom 
  • Improved abilities in decision making 
  • Increase in self-awareness 
  • Self-acceptance 
  • Less anxiety 
  • Increased abilities to identify the emotional condition and tackle them accordingly. 
  • Better communication skills 
  • Elevated wisdom 
  • A significant increase in the sense of fulfilment 
  • Improvement in mood 
  • Better ability in handling the symptoms of depression 
  • A Stronger grasp in keeping the track of authentic needs 
  • Confident in trying new things in life
  • Improvement in the ability to live the present moment.
  • Satisfying and better relationships with family and friends.
  • Increase in career success 

So, people who have problems that are becoming hindrance in day to day life then they should have proper counselling in byron bay by a professional. The sooner the problem is handled the sooner a person will get back on track and will lead a healthy and well-balanced life.

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