Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Marriage is a relationship and with any relationship it takes effort to make it work. Both the husband and the wife need to make an effort to make it work. There are counselling services available to help with this effort. Stress is normal but when untreated it can lead to anxiety. Anxiety is a form of fear where your thoughts begin to control your life. Severe anxiety may lead to blackouts, dizziness, depression, panic, and inability to function daily. Anxiety is a mental condition that goes deep into people’s thoughts and at times to people’s past. If you experience any form of anxiety it is important to get the right help and guidance.


Regular exercise is very important to relieve stress and anxiety. You need to make a conscious decision to exercise daily for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Many people assume exercise is only for weight loss and when they lose their desired weight they stop. Stopping after consistent exercise may lead to severe weight gain. It is important to continue your exercise routine to maintain your weight and also releasing toxins from your body. Any form of physical activity, including, exercise produces endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are chemicals released in the brain that act much like painkillers helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and allowing you to sleep better. One of many techniques used by psychotherapist Newcastle NSW.

Eating Well-Balanced Meals

Along with exercise, it is important to eat well. Do not overload on carbohydrates but try to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and drink plenty of water. Don’t fill your stomach just to be full but eat smart and eat right. You will notice you have more energy and you feel good going through your day doing your daily tasks.

Take Deep Breaths and Count to Ten Slowly

If you are experiencing severe anxiety, it is best to seek advice from a professional, such as counselling, who will be able to help you with specific techniques individually catered to your need. One technique to help calm your anxiety is taking deep breaths, counting to ten slowly, and exhaling. This technique will bring enough oxygen into your brain and will help relax and clear your mind.

Getting Enough Sleep

SLEEP-the word everyone loves to hear. As much everyone loves to sleep, there are times that your mind may be bombarded with so many thoughts that it does not allow you to sleep. Lack of sleep effects your performance the next day. People today are living in a performance driven culture that if you are not able to concentrate, perform, and do your tasks “right” you may be easily replaced. There is always someone waiting to take your job. This fact has created anxiety in many career minded individuals who are constantly feeling pressured to perform in their jobs. You don’t have to fight anxiety alone. There are people waiting to help and they are just a call away.