Is Remedial Massage Different From Physiotherapy

Many people confuse the terminology of physiotherapy and remedial massage in Mornington. They often go to the massage center and ask for physiotherapy whereas they may only be in a need of remedial massage. In order to know that which kind of massage or therapy you are looking for or what your body needs you need to be well aware of the terminologies and their functionality. Not only this but you must also have a little knowledge about the health benefits each one of them provide.  

The physiotherapy is a procedure that is not meant to cure any kind of illness or a sever problem. It is a therapy that help you to work efficiently in your daily life. This therapy is concerned with your daily life style and is done accordance to this. For example, if you are an office worker and you need to sit every day on your chain for 5 to 8 hours straight working on your computer then physiotherapy will be in such a way that helps you maintain your health even after sitting in the same posture for this much of time. The same posture and chair sitting can give rise to a sever backpain and stress in muscles which reduce your efficiency of you. Therefore, physiotherapy is intended to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle along with your work. This therapy may include many things out of which massage is one but this therapy may include yoga, exercise, and rehabilitation of gym. It includes the needling therapy, some sort of stretching and triggering therapy and even tissue massage for their softness. 

Remedial massage on the other hand can also be considered as a part of the physiotherapy in some cases but it is not necessary that physiotherapy always contain the remedial massage. Neither it is necessary for a person who is just in need of remedial massage to go through the entire procedure of physiotherapy. For this reason, remedial is also performed apart from the physiotherapy as well. This massage is however intended for some particular problem in some particular area as in if you are some sort of sports player and the certain part of your body needs relaxation of muscles and release of stress on daily basis then you can go through the remedial massage instead of the entire body treatment like in physiotherapy. If the physio in Mornington suggest you to have some massage then it is highly likely that he is suggesting you to have remedial massage and not a physiotherapy.