Month: January 2015

Main Varieties Of Exercise Equipment

There have always been humans looking for the way to perfect their health and body, for both aesthetic and athletic reasons. As citizens of the 21st century we can now utilize the results of centuries of research and experimentation. Believe it or not that’s what you’re seeing when you walk into a gym or fitness store and look at the fitness equipment on display. A lot of things have tried, some have succeed and some have failed. While there have been all sorts of devices used in the search for physical perfection today the most popular kinds of exercise equipment fall into a few different categories, free weights, strength machines and cardio machines.

We will start by looking at one of the best starting points when it comes to home gym equipment in Brisbane, the free weights. These are weights that are free from any connections with larger machines,  hence the name. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from small dumbbells that even a small child could lift to bars that hold plates that add up to over 100 kg. The smaller and cheaper options are a good place to start if you haven’t worked out much and want to start building strength without spending much. You should always remember that if you are planning on using a weight bar you should always work out with a partner as even small slip ups can be dangerous when you are under a bar carrying that much weight.

While you can do all sorts of weight training exercises with little more than a set of free weights and a place to lift them in if you want to specifically target certain areas of your body consistently and as easily as possibly you might want to look into strength training fitness equipment. There are all sorts of machines out there for targeting every muscle and muscle group in your body. Typically these machines fall under the category one of the fitness equipment is treadmill for sale in Gold Coast, as they can be expensive and narrowly effective. That being said, there are weight machines that are designed to be multi-purpose so you can use them to work out as many areas as possible. Still not necessarily a purchase for beginners but something to consider as you get more serious about building strength.

The final category we’ll look at today are cardio machines. If you want to lose weight you should be spending time doing cardio exercises where you get your body moving vigorously. You could go out and run around town or you could stay inside and run on the treadmill. Running, biking, rowing and climbing stairs can all be replicated using these machines to get you sweating the pounds off while in home or at the gym.

These three main categories cover most of the equipment you will see in gyms, both professional and in-home. Whether you plan on joining a gym or creating your own you should know that the best workouts combine all three of these options together to achieve a full-body workout that won’t leave any area untouched. You can start off focusing on one area and using one main piece of equipment but as time goes on try and expand your horizons to unlock your full potential.